The Rosterboss is dead

Flatline enters Datascape

As our raiding roster now supports raiding as a full 40man group, we will be progressing in this place full of orange shinies.

We’re very much looking forward to our first kill in this amazing place.

Flatline opens recruitment

With our new website, forums and raidcalender complete, Flatline is looking alive and gearing up to smash through Datascape.

If you want to be part of our grand adventure through the depths of the Datascape and have the skill and fortitude to be part of our roster of excellent players, apply to us! We are always looking for exceptional players and all applications are automatically private.

Currently we are in special need of one more reliable Main Tank, Spellslinger Healers and DPS that are willing to compete on a high level with one another. Also take a look at our recruitment needs on the right side of our frontpage, this will always reflect our most current recruitment-needs!

A new contender

Wipe inc.(Ascendancy) and Pulse(Eko) have banded together and formed Flatline. With both guilds bringing the best of their 20man raiding rosters, we will slay the Rosterboss and move on to Datascape.

Despite us having Flatline as our guildtag, raiding in our guild has never been more vivid.